Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Now You Know Noses…

Within the past couple of months, there has been a dramatic difference of color in the Zu's nose. When she was just tinyzu.com, it was completely dark; but for the past six months, it has become increasingly lighter, slowly changing from its original black to a pink/brown color. When asked about during a recent check-up, her veterinarian said this was probably caused by a condition commonly known as "snow" or "winter" nose. Being that there are significantly  less hours in the daytime during the  winter season, dogs (and humans alike) experience changes in their bodies, sometimes causing them to react differently to their environments. In this case, the change in daylight hours affect the way a dogs body produces melanin, the pigment that gives them the dark color in their nose.  It was assured that once the weather started to get warmer and the days became longer, her naturally shadowy schnoz nose would come back. As reassuring as this was, closer exploration into this subject showed that ...continues here

Zuke's, No Relation

When I was young, I could eat just about anything and not have to worry. From bits of breakfast that had fallen on the floor, to that occasional little piece of chicken or leftover pizza crust my housemates would give me , there was nothing I hadn't tried. I could scarf it all down, get a belly rub, and be outside making poopies all in the same hour, no problem. Ahh, the good old days! However, as we all know, all good things must come to an end. Now approaching age 6, being aware of my health is becoming more and more of an issue, and I can no longer indulge without repercussions. This situation may sound familiar to some of you; and if you're like me, regular dog biscuits just don't cut it. As fun as they are to hide and dig up later, they are not very appetizing. The taste is like that of dry, flavorless dust; much like your human Cheerios. Aside from having no taste, ...continues here

Zu Brockovich

This is plain tap water from my kitchen faucet. As you can clearly see, it is not the most aesthetically pleasing liquid. However, after about 1 minute, the water returns to its original clear appearance. The reason for this seems to be that cold weather, in combination with pressure from pipes that lead from the reservoir into your home, create bubbles similar to those found in carbonated beverages. To some, this reason may be more than satisfactory when deciding on a form of hydration for you and your pet; but it is most certainly not okay with the Zu. When you're really thirsty, there is nothing like putting your lips up to an ice-cold glass of water and lapping away to your hearts content. It is crisp, refreshing, and it rejuvenates mind and body almost instantaneously. It is our life source, and most of the time it is taken for granted; especially when it comes to our pets. For years, the argument of whether or not tap water is safe to drink has continued with no end in sight. Of course, you can't believe everything you hear, but studies have shown that ... continues here

Zu's Are What Zu's Eat

It certainly seems as though healthy food is becoming more and more of a rarity as we move further into the future. Almost all brands advertise their product as being "all natural" or "made from only the finest ingredients", but I find it hard to believe. A quick visit to their websites will undoubtedly affirm that those "hearty chunks of chicken and vegetables" are actually chicken/beef by-product meal and corn. This might not sound too bad, but some further research will show you that  those by-products are known to include things like lungs and brains, among other  low-quality fillers. Also, corn is not easily digested, and can even cause allergic reactions and other digestive problems in some cases. If you still think that's not too bad, then you can eat it! Fortunately for us dogs, there are still a few good options when choosing the food thats best. Over the past 5 years, I have tried  everything from the leading popular brands(Purina, Pedigree) to the more health-oriented brands (Eukanuba , Iams, etc). Dont get me wrong, all these brands are approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), which means that they meet the requirements for nutrition levels. Let me be clear in saying that none of their products have shown any negative effects in my health; but none of them .... continue here

Inspiration is Hard Work

As she lay sprawled out on her tangerine-colored couch and waited for the snow, Little Zu pondered deeply about life as she drifted off to sleep. This was not unusual, as her breedoriginated in Tibet, epicenter of ancient and modern Buddhist culture.  She was not bored or tired of  her life; nor did she have any reason to be. Her stresses were not shared with her more complicated human masters;  Zu-worries consisted mainly of  attaining 24/7 affection from her human friends,  one day catching and slaughtering what she had been told told was her tail(for being such a nuisance), and  how soon it would be...continue here